What do the summer jobs involve?
The job is highly varied and does involve a lot of hard work. Equally the rewards are high in terms of job satisfaction, personal development and social interaction. If you are looking for variety, responsibility, skill development and interaction with the public then this job will offer all that and more.

No two days will ever be the same. If you need a strict routine then this will not be the job for you! A high level of responsibility is given to all staff and in particular you are encouraged to manage your own time to ensure you can explore and enjoy the location in which you are working. Our campsites are all on or near to glorious beaches!

You will need to be flexible and adaptable to be successful in an overseas position and you will be responsible for ensuring that our accommodation and services are delivered to the customer at the highest level of quality.
Cleaning and presentation of accommodation is a key part of your job and attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Additionally you will be involved in assisting guests, providing local information, liaising with suppliers and campsite owners and staff and providing the occasional ad hoc customer event

Do I need to attend an interview?
Initial screening interviews will take place where at all possible via Skype.  If you are successful at this stage you will be invited to a formal interview at our offices in Chorleywood

Where will I be placed and how many staff will there be?
We will decide this once you are out in France and working with other members of the team. It is important for us to see how you work and interact with other staff and management. Likewise it is important for you to get a feel for us and understand more how we work.
You may be placed on a site as a single courier, with one other courier or as part of a larger team.

Where will I stay?
Accommodation is provided in Mobile homes sharing with other team members

How do I get there?
We will pay for your travel to and from your campsite at the start and end of your contract and arrange transport within France when travelling between sites.

How will I get Paid?
Directly into your UK bank account. You must ensure that you have the means to access your money whilst abroad. Cashpoint cards with the Visa or Mastercard symbol can be used to withdraw cash from Cashpoint machines in France.

Do you provide a uniform?
Yes, it is important that you are easily identifiable and you will need to wear this during specific periods and as often as possible. You must be clean, tidy and presentable at all times for customers. This means that untidy hair, facial piercing, scruffy footwear, facial stubble and offensive or visibly excessive tattoos are unacceptable.

Can I work with a friend or partner?
We will consider all requests for friends or partners to work together but we cannot guarantee that you will work on the same campsite or even in the same area. There are many factors for us to consider when allocating staff to particular campsites and we must have the flexibility to place staff according to changing needs and demands

When do I need to apply?
You can apply at any time from October for any of the positions available. We would encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment. You can apply on-line through this website or phone 01923 287344 for a recruitment pack and application form.
Can I choose where I work?
We know our sites inside out so we will place you on the campsite that we think you will be suited to and where we think our customers will benefit from your skills. We will take into consideration your preferred area when placing you however we cannot guarantee any requests.

How much will I be paid?
For details on payments for the positions listed on this site please telephone 01923 287344 to speak to someone in the Overseas Recruitment Department. We offer a competitive wage for all positions.

What about future opportunities?
Carisma holidays has built its success upon understanding the needs and demands of our customers and it is company policy to promote from within the organisation. The skills you will develop, and the understanding you will derive, from working for us in France are an invaluable grounding for more senior positions within the company.

How do I apply?
If you are interested in a position with us please complete the on-line application form as soon as possible. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01923 287344